Deep Walking 

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”   Lao Tzu


Walking is one of the most underrated and best ways of healing body, mind and spirt. Exploring the ancient pilgrimage paths in northwestern Spain, is becoming a popular “crash course” in self-development.

  • Discover the  healing power of the pilgrimage walk
  • Walking into the authentic self
  • Mastering daily challenges

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“Reino Gevers does a fine job in WALKING ON EDGE, a   tale of a hiking trip-turned- journey of self-discovery.         Although replete with mysticism, Gevers never lets the     story descend into arcane mysticism and New Age                                                           babble.”

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Like the seasons of the year, there is a right time for everything. Opportunity or misfortune comes when taking action or non-action. Based on the tenet that all creation is in a continuous process of transition, the Chinese teaching of the Five Elements sees these “seasonal changes” as a principle of life. All living beings interact, adapt and change on a continuous evolutionary cycle.

Yield and Overcome is available as an Ebook

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Here is what you get in this online program:


Bonus 1 - Digital edition of "Deep Walking for Body, Mind and Soul" worth 6.25€

Bonus 2 - Free Online Course "Mindful Breathing" worth 35 € 

 Mindful Breathing


Bonus 3 - Regular feedback on your progress


  • PowerPoint slides, transcripts, and exercises
  • Immediate access to Module 1 to get you started
  • For every week after that the next of the seven Modules for you to download and study in your own time.

So the big question: What does this all cost?

This course is the compressed information from a three-day workshop costing 1,700 €  or 1,838 US dollars plus travel and hotel costs which on average amount to an additional  1,000 € or 1,081 dollars depending on where you travel from.

I am trying to make it affordable without the travel and accommodation costs. For a one-to-one mentoring in a similar program you would have costs of 150 EUR an hour or 162 dollars an hour.

You are getting this entire program for the cost of:

553.13 euros as one payment (661,92 dollars)


contact us if you prefer four monthly instalments of 153,55 euros (183,72 dollars)

100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee

If you follow this program diligently I am convinced that it will move you to the next level of your health and performance.  However, if for some reason you find that you are not getting from the course what you invested, I am offering a 14-day money-back guarantee. Just send me a message and I will reimburse you with the full sum that you paid. 

Here is what other people say:

  • "Reino Gevers is a very experienced teacher. I learned much from his experience"
  •  "A good combination of theory and practical steps" 
  • "I could transfer much of the teachings into daily practice"


This course does not provide medical advice It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment, if you feel that you have a medical condition.