For more than 20 years I  worked as a journalist for an international news agency until I realized that a job in which I once found fulfillment had changed completely. I needed more than a news factory regurgitating negative news. I had to experience hitting a wall, health issues, a divorce, and the loss of my job to realize that I had placed the ladder against the wrong wall.  I  needed digging into real human stories. I finally found that purpose in mentoring and guiding people on their own path of transformation.  It is those moments when we are lying flat on the ground in desperation and crisis that we make the greatest progress in elevation of consciousness!

My first book on the Camino “Walking on Edge” takes up much of these cues in walking off past trauma. “Deep Walking – for Body, Mind and Soul”, scheduled for release this spring, is a non-fiction summary of important lessons learned on the Camino after interviewing and talking to hundreds of pilgrims on the Way. Today I spend much of my time on workshop and speaking tours, corporate health counseling, coaching and mentoring other people on their path of transformation. My home is on the Mediterranean island of Majorca where I spend my free time hiking, with my doggy Klara, practicing martial arts and writing.

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