Stepping into Authenticity: Living to BE

Key Principles of living a life of health and vitality


Do you feel exhausted and depleted? Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current job and having difficulty in combining work and family obligations? One of two factors might be robbing you of your energy and life purpose.

  • What you are doing does not conform to your personal value system
  • Your stress and recovery system is out of balance

You might well be aware of what it takes to lead a life of greater vitality, improved health and success. So what is blocking you from investing in your greatest asset – your health? The intention might be there but is seldom followed by action.. This seven-part online course takes you through the key principles of good health and a real goal-achievement plan on how you can be about it.

In this course, I have gleaned the essence in a sprint and recovery system that I have fine-tuned in hundreds of workshops during the past few years with leaders from many different occupations and business sectors.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

The Law of the Seasons or the Five Elements were closely integrated into all aspects of life in ancient China. Leaders, teachers, and physicians closely observed the effects of the laws of the universe on health, destiny and good fortune. The cyclical law of nature has much to teach us in modern times especially on health, mind setting, decision-making, and finding soul purpose. In this introductory course of the Five Elements you get many tips on how to bring your body meridians back into balance. 

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