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“The purpose of all creation and soul nature is evolution of consciousness.”




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Deep Walking: For Body Mind and Soul

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”   Lao Tzu

Walking is one of the most underrated and best ways of healing body, mind and spirt. Exploring the ancient pilgrimage paths in northwestern Spain, is becoming a popular “crash course” in self-development.

  • Discover the  healing power of the pilgrimage walk
  • Walking into the authentic self
  • Mastering daily challenges
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“Reino Gevers does a fine job in WALKING ON EDGE, a   tale of a hiking trip-turned- journey of self-discovery. Although replete with mysticism, Gevers never lets the story descend into arcane mysticism and New Age babble.”

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Available both in paperback and Ebook
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Yield and Overcome: How change can positively impact our lives

Like the seasons of the year, there is a right time for everything. Opportunity or misfortune comes when taking action or non-action. Based on the tenet that all creation is in a continuous process of transition, the Chinese teaching of the Five Elements sees these “seasonal changes” as a principle of life. All living beings interact, adapt and change on a continuous evolutionary cycle.


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