Are you running on empty?

What does your soul yearn for?

Why Mentoring?

Any type of crisis situation or defining moment expresses the need for transformation. A crisis never comes overnight. Warning signals mostly come in soft whispers whether in a relationship, a job situation, or a health issue. Its very human to go into denial until the whispers become a shout and jolt you completely out of your comfort zone. These darkest,  “flat-on-the-ground” moments very often lead to the biggest elevation in consciousness. Pain, happiness, grief, joy, abundance, loss, vitality, exhaustion is all part of the human condition. The mentoring process is very helpful in guiding you out of the groove of sadness about that which was and is no more. Mentoring assists you in grasping that new opportunity and guides you to that door opening to a new horizon.


How long does it take and how many sessions do I need?

That depends very much on the individual. You decide. For maximum benefit, we recommend at least 5-10 one hour sessions.


What does it cost?

That depends on the number of hours we work together. If money is tight at the moment, we have the option of several payment plans.

The next step?


Get in touch by sending an email with your contact details. We will be in touch to arrange a free 15-20 minutes get-to-know session via zoom. A successful mentoring process is built on the chemistry, trust, and confidentiality between mentor and mentee.

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