“This book is one of the best books that I have read in 2020 and I am glad that I came across this book. Cover image of this book is so soothing. Title is apt and suitable according to the book. It’s a promising read with which one should go ahead without thinking twice.”  Sneha Sood (Goodreads) 

“I am pleased to give this book the maximum rating of 4 out of 4 stars. This book is a gem that should be read several times to fully absorb its contents. This is not just a book about walking; it is a cleansing of the soul, a guide to happiness.”  Yvonne Monique, OnlineBookClub

“I’ve always loved to walk, in nature and otherwise. I have also practiced meditation daily for 17 years. After I learned to meditate, every walk has been meditative to some degree, especially in nature. I was therefore attracted to read this book as soon as I saw the cover and title. I was not disappointed.” Maryanne Rygg, Norway (Goodreads)

“When I saw this book I was instantly intrigued. If you’re a hiker you will no doubt identify with it. If you’re a historian or philosopher it will help quench your thirst for knowledge and stimulate thoughts and internal discussion. And if you’re a spiritual being, it will feed your soul. For me, it resonated in each one of those categories.” Jürgen Hellberg, South Africa (Goodreads)

“Author Gevers book DEEP WALKING for Body Mind and Soul was stunning, thought-provoking, and so good I lived the experience of walking the Camino virtually in my mind. I liked everything in here. The vivid descriptions of the Authors pain and pleasure from conquering the Camino, the stories along the way from other pilgrims he conversated with…” Tom Dutta, Canada (Amazon)

“What a wonderful book, even the feel of the cover is special! Easy to read, short chapters full of the authors own personal experiences, that of his fellow pilgrims and his own part biographical links to his life. Sarah Preston, United Kingdom (Goodreads)

“So well written, so much knowledge and so enjoyable. A verbal walk along the Camino’s whilst meandering through so many interesting topics; pilgrims stories, religion, history, self development, mindfulness and personal insights.” Jane, Australia (Booktopia)

“Discover how the author soul searches whilst walking different parts of the Camino and he describes how it can be an inspirational and creative process whilst also giving you time to reflect upon your life and put you in touch with your inner self.” Karen Fisher, United Kingdom (Goodreads)

“The book itself is a summary of important lessons learned by the author on the Camino in conversations with hundreds of pilgrims along the way. From my point of view, it is full of wisdom and knowledge, enriched with scientific facts and study results, as well as lessons from the various religious traditions (from Christianity, (Zen) Buddhism, Daoism and Jewish mysticism), but also from the Celtic tradition, which is still recognizable in Galicia.” Christina Bolte, Germany (Amazon) 

“Reino Gevers does a fine job in WALKING ON EDGE, a tale of a hiking trip-turned- journey of self-discovery.  Although replete with mysticism, Gevers never lets the story descend into arcane mysticism and New Age babble.” IndieReader

“In our day and age, there seems to be a universal need for reflection, for simplification, for slowing down … for opening up one’s mind and exploring who you really are, where life had taken you, and where you would still like to go. I sincerely recommend ‘Walking on Edge’ as a gripping and thought-provoking novel.

The more I read, the harder it became to put the book down! Author Reino Gevers has numerous Caminos to his credit. I have yet to fulfil this dream. This book was rewarding on so many different levels: a good and gripping story, well written, with enlightening information on the pitfalls and rewards of walking the Camino, knowledgeable about aspects of history and architecture in an off-the-cuff manner, integrating facts with the story.” Renee Marais, South Africa (Goodreads)

“One of the highlights of this novel is the skill of its author, Gevers, to interweave adventure, history and spiritual principles in just the right mix – not too much and not too little. A book highly recommended on all levels.” Barbara von der Osten (Goodreads)