The Law of the Seasons or the Five Elements were closely integrated into all aspects of life in ancient China. Leaders, teachers, and physicians closely observed the effects of the laws of the universe on health, destiny, and good fortune. The cyclical law of nature has much to teach us in modern times especially on health, mind setting, decision-making, and finding soul purpose.




  • Video introduction to the key aspects of the Five Elements.
  • Exercises and mind-setting for each season and element
  • Food recipes and what foods to avoid
  • Simple exercises to boost the body meridians associated with each element.


Part One: The Wood Element 

Spring is the season of a new beginning. The farmer starts tilling the soil. In the same way, a new project requires good planning.

Season: Spring
Time of Day: Mornings and late mornings
Body Organs: Liver and Gallbladder which find expression in the eyes and sinews. The neck, head, and rib cage are affected by the wood energy flow.
Color: Green
Positive Emotion: Peace of mind, visionary patience
Negative Emotion: Anger outbursts and irritability
Soul aspect: Creativity, spirituality and finding soul-purpose.
Age: Childhood from birth until puberty.

Part Two: The Fire Element

The season of summer is the time for action and expansion of energy.

Season: Summer
Time of Day: Midday
Body Organs: Heart, Hear Constrictor, and small intestine which find expression in the tongue.
Color: Red
Positive Emotion: Focused energy, generosity, gratitude, expression and compassion.
Negative Emotion: Lack of empathy, narcissism, self-absorption, greed, overly talkative and inability to listen.
Soul aspect: Putting vision into action.
Age: Early adulthood.


Part 3: The Earth Element 

Earth Element defines the season of late summer. It is the time for harvesting the fruit of your labor.

Season: Late Summer
Time of Day: Late afternoon
Body Organs: Spleen and stomach which find expression around the mouth.
Color: Yellow
Positive Emotion: Generous, pragmatic, balanced and grounded people.
Negative Emotion: Obsessive, fanatical, ideological and possessive. Cannot let go of past events, things and objects they no longer need.
Soul aspect: Being a disciple for a higher purpose.
Age: Midlife.



The Metal Element

Autumn marks the time for withdrawal in preparation for winter.

Element Metal
Season: Autumn
Time of Day: Early evening
Body Organs: Lung and large intestine. Sensory organs are the nose and the skin.
Color: White
Positive Emotion: Structured, disciplined, calm.
Negative Emotion: Melancholy neediness, unable to set and accept healthy boundaries.
Soul aspect: Being a disciple for a higher purpose.
Age: Early old age.


The Water Element

Water Element is the time for withdrawal and introspection

Season: Winter
Time of Day: Night
Body Organs: Bladder and kidneys. Sensory organ: the ears, sexual organs, bone tissue and teeth.
Color: Dark blue
Positive Emotion: Courage, faith, calmness.
Negative Emotion: Fear and anxiety.
Soul aspect: Being a disciple for a higher purpose.
Age: Old age.

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