To a large extent it is not a matter of fate or genetics on how healthy or happy we are in life. The amount of exercise we give to our bodies and quality of food we eat will most certainly determine what life you will lead in the next five years and how resilient your body will be to the modern scourges such as obesity, cancer, depression and diabetes.

We know what it takes to make us live a healthier life. We make a new year resolution to start a regular work out or to practise a daily meditation. Sadly, in most cases these resolutions don’t last long.

Daily distractions have an enormous pulling power. But there is another major factor. The inner state of mind – the psychological and emotional factors – that you are not aware of at a conscious level but could be the major stumbling block.

It is important to be aware of these “inner scoundrels” that have many voices that sound much like this:


  • I don’t deserve to be living a healthy life of abundance and love”
  • Life is a hard slog anyway, just bear with it”
  • Jesus suffered on the cross, so why can’t I suffer too.”
  • I will no longer be getting the attention, understanding and compassion from others when I’m healthy.”
  • If I come into my power and strength, I will be rocking the boat. Things could change and that is really frightening.”
  • Everything is better just as it is rather than a future that could be much worse.”
  • It is better to keep myself small so that I won’t be bashed.”
  • I will lose my creativity.” 

We are “animals of convenience” and old habits die hard. The first step to accommodate the “inner scoundrel” is to give him a voice and bring him to the surface. What does he look like? What needs does he have? Fighting or suppressing him will only make him grow bigger. Bring your scoundrel to the surface by listing all your bad habits that deplete your energies e.g. hours of wasted time in front of the TV, the amount of sweet drinks, coffee, cup cakes and sweets you eat without much thought during the day, gossiping about others or spending time with “negative” people.


By bringing all those “scoundrels” to the surface you become more aware of those bad habits. Tell them. I am seeing you and am aware of you but I now need to move on. You served me for a while but you have now fulfilled your purpose. It is time to move on so that I can really fulfil my need to live a wonderful life where I can feel my true strength and power. Replace the scoundrel with a personal mantra that could sound like this:

faith falls on your hand

  • My body is the temple of my soul and deserves utmost respect and care
  • I feel the energy and power in body and soul
  • I deserve in every respect a life of abundance, happiness and inner strength
  • I am here in this life for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain
  • The more I respect my body and myself the more I will take care of Mother Earth and all those living beings  in my immediate surroundings