There is a difference between religion and spirituality. While religion is based on a set belief system or theology, spirituality is a much broader concept leaving room for many different perspectives.

I would see it as the difference between ‘head mind’ and ‘heart mind’

During a break in a cafe along the Camino I was talking to a fellow Peregrino on the reasons why the ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela has become so popular in recent times. In the past it was mainly a Catholic tradition. But today people of all religious traditions, natonalities and age groups can be seen walking the Camino.


Cathedral of Santiago – God infusing Eve with heart energy

One young woman, who describes herself as non-religious, said she made a point of stopping in every chapel, church or cathedral on the Camino, moved at times to tears in feeling the ‘heart mind’

My fellow Peregrino in the cafe said experiencing Bach’s Cantata 140 in a live concert felt each time like a ‘tremor vibrating through my body.’

Belief structured only by a ‘head mind’ can be imposed by institutions but will never have the power of individual experience as felt by the ‘heart mind’

With the devastation caused by intolerant fundamentalist religion – not only in the Islamic form – I have the feeling that more and more people are becoming seekers and in the process discovering the ‘heart mind’

Reino Gevers – coach, trainer, author