I’ve just been watching those amazing images of the crowds in Zimbabwe celebrating the fall of the tyrant Robert Mugabe who has steered a country once revered as the bread basket of Africa into a destitute nation dependent on food aid.

Most of us folk who grew up in southern Africa know of friends or relatives who lost everything when the tyrant decided to confiscate flourishing farms and businesses which he shared among his party faithful and extended family members. Needless to say most of those farms are now deserted ruins.

Most of you reading this Blog would be living in a country with democratic institutions and the rule of law intact. It is not a Given and we see from other countries how transient life can be. Lives of millions of people can be turned upside down, either by natural catastrophe or calculated political expediency and corruption.

faith falls on your handThus during this time of Thanksgiving it is a time to be truly grateful for what we have and not what we want. There are always things we can be grateful for, even if we don’t see it immediately in our daily rush through life.

Unhappy people are those folk who incessantly see the shadow side of life with a predominantly negative attitude. Happiness is a mindset. It is something we can control and train. It is that slight edge most of the world’s most successful people have. They emanate an aura of enthusiasm and gratitude. You want to be around those folk because you simply enjoy their company. It is an easy ritual that you can incorporate in your daily routine every morning before you get out of bed:

  • What are those five things that you are truly grateful for ?
  • What positive experiences can I recall from the previous day?
  • What can I give back?

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