We just had a wonderful workshop on the “Earth” Element. It comes at a good time here in the northern hemisphere with farmers bringing in their harvests. It is a time to reflect on what really nourishes us. It is not only about food.

What hurt or emotion am I still carrying around with me that burdens rather than nurtures me? Isn’t it time to let go?

More importantly: What am I feeding my mind with? My favourite motto is the ancient Zulu concept of Ubuntu. It not only means that we are formed and shaped by the people and the community around us. Ubuntu means taking responsibility for the well-being of all that is around us because it is that which makes us human.

Surround yourself with negative people and you become a negative person. Giving your body the right nutrients on a body and mind level is a major precondition to becoming a person with a happy and positive outlook on life. We are bombarded with electronic media and information from the Internet. What Information really serves and uplifts us? I like using social media like facebook. It is an important means of staying in touch and getting information, but sometimes it can be too much and is energy-sapping. We lose touch grounding, lose touch with reality or lose ourselves in a virtual world.

That is when it is time to find nourishment in nature, opening the senses to the wind on the skin, the smell of earth, the sound of birdsong, feeling the ground underneath ones feet.