It was another foggy morning starting out from Berducedo this morning. Walking to the next village of La Mesa the clouds opened up to sunlight spotlighting the chapel of Buspol – another magical Camino experience.

The Camino Primitivo has many more pilgrims on the path than I had thought. At the strong recommendation of a Spanish couple we have had to reserve beds in the towns ahead. It goes against the Camino spirit but like on the main Camino Frances more and more people are walking the path. From the conversations I’ve had with some, especially younger Peregrinos, there is a search for meaning in a world that is becoming increasingly complex with difficulty to find orientation in an age of information overload. 

There is a deep yearning for soul purpose and many people – and not only on the Camino – are expressing unhappiness with ‘treadmill jobs’ that provide no room for self-development. 

We met a guy in Borres, who looks like Balu the Bear, who has been on the road through Spain with his dog for more than two years. He is one of those people who have obviously decided to extract themselves from the obligations of a normal life. 

Some people certainly are able to walk things off on the Camino for others the problems lie deeper. One guy, who reminds me of the Hobbit in The Lord of The Rings, is very talkative – but only to himself. 

Reino Gevers – coach, trainer, author