During the past two days I’ve walked 62 kilometres and I’m feeling my body going into rebellion with all sorts of aches and pains.

Entrance to cathedral in Lugo

When I walked my first Camino in 20o6 I had some hard lessons to learn. By the time I was reaching Santiago my back pack was falling apart from the weight of all the unnecessary clutter I was carrying with me. Now I’m down to a back pack with just 6.5 kilogrammes including just the basic toiletry items, lightweight sleeping bag, rain gear, extra pair of underwear, socks – thats it.  It makes walking so much easier.

It is surprising how little we really need. A lot of our precious lifetime is spent in preoccupation with stuff and clutter that blocks and hinders us from opening inner and outer space for new ideas, projects and creativity. Freeing ourselves from the clutter or ‘old energy’ not only helps to focus on that which is really important but on a physical level can give us room to breathe again.

We had a lovely evening in Lugo, eating the local delicacy pulpo or octopus. Lugo has an intact Roman city wall that dates back to the third century and many beautiful old buidings including a magnificent cathedral. Some of the Peregrinos I’ve been walking with include a really nice Spanish couple Eduardo and Monica from Tenerife, Sandra from Valencia, Patricia from Germany and a group of Italians. Monica, a mother of three daughters, miraculously survived the 2004 Madrid terror attack. 

Some of the stories you hear on the Camino would fill a book. Sadly language is often a barrier. I would love to hear why the Czech guy Frans is doing the Camino. I passed him again this morning, struggling along only 100 kilometres from Santiago. His hands are full of blisters from holding onto those walking sticks. Offers of help are politely and  steadfastly refused. 

Today I had to ask for help. Preoccupied, I missed a yellow marker, finding myself in the village if Vigo that was definitely not on the Camino. A grinning and toothless farmer and a kind granny helped me find my way again.

Reino Gevers – coach, trainer, author