The broken modern workplace

The more a job inherently resembles a game – with variety, appropriate and flexible challenges, clear goals, and immediate feedback – the more enjoyable it will be regardless of the worker’s level of development. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – Roughly two-thirds of...

From brokenness into transformation

The key message of Easter is one of hope, rebirth, and resurrection after experiencing brokenness, hurt, and suffering. Suffering, pain, and brokenness is that part of life that sculptures us into the human beings we are destined to become.

Lessons for today from a dark age

The wise teachings of the 13th-century Mystics are timeless and more topical than ever during these pandemic times. They were the eco-warriors and holistic healers of their time, addressing issues of personal health, nutrition, and the environment.

Surrendering to the pain of the past

Staying in faith and trust is possibly one of the hardest trainings in patience but Meister Eckart also describes it as the highest schooling in spiritual training and elevation of consciousness.

From loneliness into solitude

As you start befriending your inner solitude, the contrast between the chatter of external thoughts and the authenticity of the deeper self becomes clearer. At times you need to withdraw from the world to get a clearer picture of who you really are and for what purpose you were born.