At the start of a new year much thought is given to resolutions. You might be planning to lose weight and sign-up for a yoga class, learn to play the guitar or reduce a spending habit.

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The truth is that most such good intentions don’t last the first half of the month of January before we fall back into set-patterns and old habits. Why bother, you may ask?

This time is always a good time to sit down and reflect on accomplishments of the past year and what business remains unfinished and still needs to be addressed.  A New Year can offer you a clean slate on starting something new and putting into action what you might have been mulling about for some time.

Its the small simple steps that eventually make all the difference. But As Jim Rohn once said its the easiest things that are also the easiest not to do.

Most New Year resolutions fail because they remain just dreams and are not accompanied by a plan of action. Procrastination can be your worst enemy. If you are planning to exercise more, don’t hesitate. Start immediately by signing up for a class or going for a half hour walk today. Want to lose weight?  Start today by cutting all refined sugars and soft drinks from your diet. Want to reduce debt? Keep a journal of all your spending habits, starting right away.

Dreams remain just dreams without action. I firmly believe that with action the universe will conspire to assist you with your good intentions.

Here is some advice on how you can best trick your mind out of a procrastination mode:

  • Make your dreams and resolutions attainable and realistic. Getting a body trained for a marathon or a long hike starts with small exercise routines done each day. You won’t lose your ten kilograms of weight in three weeks but how about in three, four or five months?
  • Keep a journal of your plans and achievements. Its the best way of keeping track on how you are progressing.
  • Try the 40-day rule. Most significant changes only reveal themselves after an extended period of time. Try an exercise or diet routine without fail for an uninterrupted period of 40 days. You will feel and notice a difference!

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